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Designing Future Communication with AI

Designing Future

Communication with AI

Speech to text transcription using advanced Automatic Speech Recognition engine

Automatic Speech Recognition engine

Speech to text transcription using advanced

Audio to text transcription in just 3 simple steps

Simply just upload your audio or video file in any form.

Wait for a few moments and review the finished transcript.

Download and save your file in different formats.

Why Us

Prestigious Partners

We partner with the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in researching and bringing you the latest in transcription technology.

Our Features

• Uses the latest Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine.• Fastest turnaround time.• Allows for user customization.• Cloud host or site host.• Time coded as standard specification.• Ability to highlight of NG/unsure words for easy identification.

Languages Supported

Japanese, English and Singapore standard English

Our Clients