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The Now and Future of AI transcription in Education.

As more and more institutions are focusing to increase their digital outreach. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) transcription can help resolve their challenges. Transcriptions are a vital part of the education sector. Once, being typed by people manually; today, AI can help institutes translate accurate transcriptions from different accents, voice-tone, and pitch. AI is a wonderful tool that makes transcription easy for everyone involved in the chain of the education sector.

It is not only great for institutes but also for students who want to take passive notes. AI transcription is way better than manual note-taking, as the transcription records every word till the period. AI can automatically synchronize subtitles in real-time too. It can also be a great tool, for referencing class notes or searching different phrases.

Now with senseofwonder.ai, institutes can take advantage of their Speech to Text transcription technology for creating notes. They can also integrate their Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) for live transcription based on AI and developed customization on their ASR as required by the institution. 


Transcription of files can be a tedious and long process regardless you are doing it yourself or hire someone who will do the work for you. Manual transcription is a very old-school process. In times when you can find almost all educational video on the internet, transcription on all the videos manually will be a humongous task to undertake. Also, if you are doing huge amount of research where you need to have interviews, juggling with transcribing and spending time on progressing on your work will be almost 24/7 duties. AI transcription could cut the time on transcribing to 1/6 and help you with your process in a breeze. When you use AI to transcribe, the speed of this process increases drastically. Senseofwonder.ai has one of the newest technologies for Speech to Text transcription.


Accuracy is one of the most important aspects of the education sector. Words mismatched could lead to a different contextual understanding of the sentence. Being precise is essential in educational transcription. AI transcription is about learning and relearning of words. With constant learning, AI can understand and evaluate words and sentences to make sure there is the highest accuracy.


Time is money. Apart from having to work on the data for long hours and possibility of mishearing. AI now is so flourishing that it is no longer unaffordable. Instead human cost might be more expensive nowadays. You can always engage a human transcriptionist however this will be 4 times more the cost of using AI transcription. Education sector is a place where the need for transcription is growing and having a cost-effective solution is a way to go for sustainability. AI provides a solution for the education sector with this immense digital problem. It provides extremely affordable transcription that is the need for future education.


The biggest hurdle for human transcribers is to understand the file content. Plain, clear, and loudly spoken words with no background noise could be easy for transcribers to understand. However, when accents, voice-tone or pitch and noise comes together, there will be limitation to human ears. A transcriber might have to spend minutes re-listening a single word to know the word and understand it. AI transcriptions are data-trained models build to understand many accents, pitches, and voice-tone. This repeated training allows the AI to recognize the speakers and able to transcribe with ease.


How long can one focus during an online lesson? I am sure everyone has the experiences where you lose your focus and spaced out while listening to a webinar. When you realized, you are totally lost and not knowing what the speaker is talking about. In order to be engage your audience better, having the online lesson transcription will be an option. The audience can better focus and are able to read if they couldn’t catch the speaker. This would make the lesson more understandable and to grasp the content better.

This is almost the same for subtitling. Education is global but languages may not be although we always say that English is the international language. Using AI transcription, we can translate content into multiple languages easily. We can easily transform content to be consumable for every individual on this planet with subtitles. Senseofwonder.ai can support multiple languages together with its transcription service, Japanese, Mandarin, English and Singapore standard English. This is possible with Japanese or English AI transcriptions and translating into the various language that the staff are competent in.


AI transcription service is an innovation using smart technology to transform audio to text. This AI model is built upon using different data in a particular language and content to master its ability to understand. It is also possible to give criteria to highlight the importance of what is required for the institutes. General voice to speech software such as Siri and Alexa, cannot transcribe specific content as accurately in referencing them in the education sector. A general voice to speech will be sufficient to take voice notes for personal and general use but when you are coping with content that is specific, it will need a totally different data feeding software to cater to the need. In this context, AI transcription is a premium, customizable tool built and trained for the education sector.

Future of AI in Education

AI in education is already playing a big role now. With this current pandemic, many lessons are moved to the virtual space rather than physical space. Long distance learning is made more common and realistic now. Having transcription on real time or after the lesson as a caption will make learning easier and being able to understand better.

Education is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Remote education will increase and the need for AI transcription will be immense. It is an essential tool moving forward, the sooner you adopt the easier your process gets. AI transcription made remote education more engaging. It is one of the best tools for institutions to take advantage of and increase their productivity.

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