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AI Transcription in the Media Industry

Have you ever worked in the Media Industry? Do you know what it feels like to function after stretching out all the creativity in you? Are you always on tight schedule to submit your articles? Since the ways of consuming information have changed lately due to the internet and technology, media industry is under constant competition and pressure to provide the audience with insightful information in the blink of an eye. Unceasing advancement in science and technology has now enabled many media professionals to improve their work quality and organize a balanced workflow. AI (Artificial Intelligence) had helps various departments in the media industry to work on media products such as videos, news articles, or even web articles more efficiently.

Uses of AI Transcription in Media Industry

·         Automated Transcription of Media Content

In this digital era of AI, writers use software to produce their stories and articles. They can save time as AI keeps suggesting accurate vocabulary, giving them the privilege to check the quality of their work and make adequate changes before publishing. Many journalists use the AI transcription software for prompt reporting, such as live captioning which give them the capability to share news in real-time. This change, give them the edge of racing against time as they have to report every few hours and update their work constantly.

·         Online Video Transcribed

Turning your videos or audio files into text documents makes your content more accessible to the global audience as more people can comprehend your content with subtitles provided. When you upload any video or audio file online, there may be a greater target audience to your subject matter than you may think and hence better audience engagement. First and foremost, transcription comes into the first action of changing audio into text and followed by translating in various languages. These translated transcripts will then be cut as subtitles to fit into the video again. These subtitles would increase your viewers around the world and increase your video viewing rate. This would be the new way to go when we are all talking about SEO (search engine optimization) to make your work searchable.

·         AI in the Entertainment Industry

When a production house team gathers together to discuss an upcoming project, having AI transcription helps document the discussion important. This reduces the misunderstand and set the foreground ready before recording. Also, directors can note important points describing the mood and feel of different shots for their later reference, while important plot or narrative changes can be highlighted.

·         Writer’s Notes Related to Narrative

Writing is a long and tiring process that requires a writer to type or write a narrative. However, with media transcription powered by AI, writers can now simply speak their narrative and have a text document ready for them without having to lift a finger. Any immediate thought or feelings could be recording and later to transcribe could also be done.

Additionally, while writing an article or a story, writers may feel the need to record notes for their later understanding and research. Many times, a writer may conduct different interviews for content, and they can benefit from transcribing the entire interview as it would be documented automatically.

Benefits of AI transcription in Media

·         Boost Productivity

One of the most basic advantages of using AI transcription in media is that it increases an individual’s productivity. While you speak and the software transcribes, there are fewer chances of mistakes, and you can devise a thorough workflow that would make your work organized. This would also improve your speed and increase your overall outcome. You will be able to craft your work better and have enough time to edit your work. When you find efficient ways to save time, you can utilize it to add value and excellence to your work.

·         Saves Time

In news and entertainment world, the concept of ‘time is money’ fits perfectly when we are talking about the competition between who gets to lead the reporting first. Having an AI transcription in media will save your time and convert your important interviews into text documents quickly, giving you the competitive advantage of publishing and broadcasting quicker and reaching your audience faster.

·         Real-Time Transcription of Media Content

When people are watching live news on their gadgets, having real-time transcription gives them the privilege of viewing instant captions and attain better understanding of what is being discussed.

·         Accessible to Greater Audience

Speaker from the video or audio content can be speaking really fast or have an accent which could be difficult to understand. Having a text file of the content means that people can now read it and understand better. Also, closed captions which is from transcription, help deaf people understanding what’s going on their screen. Everything in internet is searchable and these transcripts can help you optimize online search engines as properly indexed content is ranked higher, and greater internet traffic can be attracted.  

·         Better Audience Engagement

As more and more people like to watch content online, AI transcriptions can lead to a better audience experience. For instance, transcripts and captions in your video content enable people with hearing, and speaking disabilities engaged with your content. Having SDH subtitles (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) clears the confusion about what is happening off and on-screen provides a greater understanding of the narrative to such an audience. Besides, captions created through AI-powered speech software help audience understand complicated information and poor audio quality. While videos intrigue, they do not boost the ranking of search engines as written text which makes your transcripts and video description quite important. You can add SEO friendly keywords to have more people visit your website while increasing the viewer rate.

Wait no more

The consistent growth of technology in media transcription, undoubtedly signifies its importance and benefits that seem to add value to the work of media professionals. It helps them present their content in front of a larger audience clearly, professionally and efficiently.

So, if you want to have a wider and better engagement with your audience, get in touch with us, Sense of Wonder Group, a premium AI transcription provider assuring accuracy and professionalism to bring the audience closer to you.   

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