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Transcribing your Webinar

If you think that you are getting most out of your webinars, you might want to think again. If you are not taking advantage of webinar transcription, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

In addition, with events, conferences and tradeshows cancelled for just about everyone, the novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – has forced businesses to pivot their marketing strategies and plans overnight. This might just be the new norm for many industry and people.

Most marketers may be suffering from this emerging crisis right now, but the benefits of having your webinar transcribed open doors to new tactical opportunity. So, all you have to do is act fast and get your webinar transcription strategy to bring yourself closer to the audience, increasing your revenue and traffic.

Why Webinar Transcription is Effective?

A webinar recording is a great way of amplifying your marketing efforts while attracting new audiences. The key to benefiting from these opportunities is by having your webinar transcribed. With effective webinar transcription, you instantly improve your search engine optimization (SEO) video marketing efforts, making yourself searchable.

Webinars are an optimum, low-cost solution to engage with the audience and capture new leads. But what makes it more interesting is the fact that you can benefit from the search engine optimization just be adding captions to the video you’ve recorded.

Since SEO cannot read audio media, transcribing your webinar will help search engine spiders to look for textual indicators; hence, contributing to getting your content noticed. When search engine spiders index your transcriptions, they will increase the rating of your page, which will ultimately increase the traffic. Pretty cool, right?

Benefits of Webinar Transcription

Photo by K8 on Unsplash

·         Accessibility

Beyond any transactional or tangible benefit, having your webinar transcribed enables viewers who are hard-of-hearing or deaf to tune into your webinar with ease. By adding captions, you can significantly expand your targeted audience. More importantly, by going an extra mile to ensure that all people can access your resources equally, you’re not only empowering their life indirectly but also encouraging them to take advantage of your webinars.

·         Increased Learning

While a lot of people prefer an auditory form of learning, having your webinar transcribed can work well for those who like to read. This is because learning is a dynamic process, some people just learn better through reading. With webinar transcription, you can drastically enhance the learning retention of learners who depend on some sort of indicator or visual cue to learn more effectively. Moreover, you can retent potential learners by stimulating visuals through texts and images. This visual motivation helps sprout reliance and focus over your webinars; thereby, motivating them to stick with your products or services.

·         Enhanced Language Comprehension

In the modern corporate landscape, international connections are becoming common and important to the business ecosystem. Although English is considered as a business language, the fact remains that it’s still not a native language for most and it is a difficult language to master even for native speakers. Having your webinars transcribed can assist your audiences in understanding the content of your videos. Besides, if any of your audience speaks English as a second or third language, captions can reduce anxiety and improve their comprehension.

·         Increased Target Audience

Webinar transcription is a great way of increasing your market horizon. This makes it easier for people who are non-native English speakers to understand the material better. Many people now learn the language first with reading rather than listening. Hence even with the heaviest accented speakers could be understood well. Moreover, when you make your webinar content user-friendly and accessible through webinar transcription, you expand your targeted audience to underserved audiences. With this, you can significantly increase the exposure level of your content, regardless of the end-users. 

·         Search Engines

Transcription is a process of converting spoken content into textual representation. Search engine spiders crawl through the internet to look for textual indicators to understand the content of each page. This means that with a simple webinar video summary, you’re providing search engines with high-density keywords. As a result, you’ll not only improve the ranking of your page but also generate organic traffic for your business.

·         Neutralizing Noisy Environments

When in a noisy, busy environment, your webinar audience might have to work a little extra to hear from you. To help them in these situations, transcribing your webinar gives your attendee more reasons to participate and stay connected. At the same time, there is no excuse for them not to attend your webinar. You will definitely get more headroom to grow and sustain your webinar’s traffic. Further, having live captions on your webinar content can provide your audience with another chance to comprehend anything they might’ve missed, either from a momentary attention diversion or poor audio quality.

The Big Win

Having your webinar transcribed enables you to transcend language barriers and assists you in reach out to the international markets. Transcribing your webinar content and publishing it in other languages will most definitely attract potential leads who would otherwise have ignored your content due to language barrier.

Besides, it allows content marketers to edit, search, repurpose, and republish the wealth of information. With transcripts, content creators can create blogs from the main takeaways without having to recommend the whole video.

More importantly, with interactive transcripts, you can make your webinar recording navigable and more engaging that will ultimately enhance user experience. Positive UX increases time on site, which further influences SERP position.

Webinar transcription is a great strategy that enables digital marketing experts in attracting more leads. Placing captions in your webinar will allow you to reach to a wider audience while enhancing user experience.

If your webinar is interactively transcribed, you’re bound to hold the attention of your viewers. Besides, your users can effectively navigate through the recording by jumping to a specific spot using a specific word.

So, now that you know the benefits of having your webinar transcribed, you can check our website for effective strategies. We are one of the pioneers in a speech to text transcription, and we use advanced automatic speech recognition engine to make your user enjoy the video with great ease. We bring the world closer to you.

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