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What is Artificial Intelligence Transcription?

The major goal of Artificial intelligence (AI) research is to produce systems that learn, think, grab, understand, and behave like a human being. To understand how the AI integrates with the transcription, it is important to know what they are respectively. The AI in transcription is the speech recognition ability software that translates audio to the text. Whereas, the transcription is the text form of the audio file. For the past 25 years, it has been a major research goal in the field of computer science to introduce AI that is capable of language recognition.

AI which is the broader encompassment of Machine learning (ML) is one of its kind when integrated with the large data set. The machine is to learn the data on its own. Today, we find more of the audio and video recordings, these are treated as data and fed into the automated transcription software for learning. The learnt and relearnt process has made the transcription significantly faster than manually transcribing it. Thus, allowing the conversion of the content to text at a lower cost with a faster turn-around time.

Tremendous steps have been made with advancements in ML and language handling, permitting evolution innovation for many AI products in the world.

Advantages of AI Transcription for the industries

It is quite evident that the establishment of AI is evolving in many industries even the ones that were thought not likely to be changed. Few of the companies are to be seen completely upgraded while others are still on testing the wonders of AI.

Most importantly, AI is at its best when it empowers the robotization of earlier manual tasks. For the industries and their departments, the genuine estimation of AI innovation comes in permitting legitimate experts to work more efficiently. By leaving monotonous work to the machines, AI saves time to focus on other jobs that produce more revenue and require an elevated level of human skill. The developments in AI speech-to-text technology are being implemented and executed to the fields to upend the processes to new heights. The advantages of AI transcriptions include,


Professionals know very well how valuable and important time is, and as a result of it, they constantly keep looking for ways of working smarter to maximize efficiency. The AI-powered transcription software automates the majority of the particularly dull and monotonous processes that allow greater turnaround times, compared to that of the manual methods. This increases productivity, the professionals can get the important files ready more quickly.

Transcription accuracy

Few of the industries deals in crucial documents that are important enough to make or break the case. It requires a critical and high level of transcription quality. The most advanced arrangements will prepare their speech-to-text motors with specific legitimate terms, so these words will be perceived and translated accurately. Afterwards, these technical outputs are supervised by quality assurance professionals.

Assured security of the information

Confidentiality is the first and foremost requirement when it comes to sensitive information. If the company is operating via a smart transcription system it ensures that the rights to the access of the files are only to those that are permitted by the administrators. An advanced AI transcription software applies algorithms to keep a check over the activities to guarantee the further security of the information.

Limitations of the AI transcriptions

Primarily, AI researchers have aimed to develop computer technology that can transcribe human speech with more or less the same accuracy as that of human transcribers. However, this is easier to say than done due to several obstacles. Computers struggle to recognize and record the natural speech and it is hard for them to generate a correct transcript that catches the exact meaning of what was said.

Although, some enhancements have been created and some are still under process, but the technology that is available commercially is currently limited in application. Thus, it requires a human touch to go through with the correction of any errors while finalizing the transcript.

The accuracy of the AI transcriptions

There are a variety of AI-based transcriptions suppliers in the market. Some offer free tools, while others offer more unpredictable and complex technology that conveys more accurate results, however at an expense. Brushing the matter of price, the time that is saved when you use AI for transcripts is worth the little amount invested in utilizing them.

AI can produce highly accurate transcriptions, depending on the provider and the service used. AI, itself performs at an accuracy rates of 80% or more, and if used more extensively, it will perform at a higher accuracy. Pairing the technology and human editors can help acquire better and faster results which is ensured at 99% accuracy that some of the industries like higher education, legal, and many more rely on.


AI transcriptions are an ideal fit if you are working in a fast pace environment where time is money. If you need a transcript immediately, AI transcription software is your savior. Besides, AI transcription can be executed with limited budget, human-based transcriptions are more expensive. If your recording file is a one on one conversation, without background noise, AI transcription is suitable for your work, as it has fewer chances of errors. Moreover, AI transcriptions are automated software that means they update automatically and you are free of the hassle of keeping an upgrading record and check. Human transcribers are humans after all and takes more time to understand and capture the difficult terminologies and material or they can have difficulty identifying the speaker. For such reasons, AI transcriptions are always the recommended strategy to opt for.

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